Consumer of the Cadbury's buttons and custodian of the vodka shots. I make videos. Watch them. If you want. FREEEEEEDOM.




The 90s were a very difficult time for the obsessed fan. Do you all know how lucky you are with your wifi and your new fangled tumblr blogs? 

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HI! Welcome to Frances Shamelessly Reblogs Her Post From Yesterday In The Hope Of More People Seeing The Video And Eventually Subscribing (FSRHPFYITHOMPSTVAES for short.)

Anonymous asked
Short Answer: I think you're funny as hell. Long Answer: I think you're me in about twelve years, except you're British, which is rad as hell. I love how you're funny and down to earth and you're so creative. I think the way you day tiny bag is cute.

I only just saw this and it has made me so incredibly happy. Thank you mysterious stranger. I like you and I think your sunglasses are very snazzy. I have a similar affinity for wearing sunglasses where not entirely appropriate and mainly as an affectation accessory. 

ingelspiringel asked

Hello to you! Your hair looks LOVELY today. Did you do something new with it?

That’s great, well, fabulous… ok well shhh now, gotta get on. So your song is I Gotta Get Drunk by The Little Willies (I kid ye not)

Favourite lyric:

"Gonna spend my money calling everybody honey and wind up singing the blues."

Now, somebody make a Holy Trinity fan video to that song please because I think of them every time I play it! 

yotoob asked

My dear Yotoob, your song is Tennis Night from the 30 Rock Soundtrack. 

Favourite Lyric? Well I’m glad you asked…

"Got my lawn chair in my trunk, not an ocean in sight. 

So kiss my ass New York, cos it’s Tennis Night. HEE HAW!”

I trust that now, should you ever think about Tennis, Oceans or New York you will think of me fondly. 

Anonymous asked
♫ :)

Well hello lovely, you’re looking spectacularly wonderful today. Your song is No Particular Place To Go by Chuck Berry. 

My favourite lyric is:

"All the way home I held a grudge,

For the safety belt that wouldn’t budge…”